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EP 9: The hardest part of losing weight REVEALED! How to start your diet plan and actually succeed


Losing weight is easy. But starting is hard. How to start a start your diet plan and actually succeed. We are going to get healthy and enjoy it! Weight Loss Program: If there’s something we all want to achieve, that would be having a healthy body. What stops you from achieving your health goals? […]



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kelsey bryant, lies to stop believing about your body

3 lies to stop believing about your body. Are you believing these lies about your body image? 3 ways the enemy is keeping you stuck and stopping you from achieving your health goals Are you the type of woman who is used to not believing in yourself? When it comes to having a healthy body, […]

best diet

In today’s episode, we will be talking about food. When people are trying to lose weight, they often get scared of eating but food is such a big part of a healthy lifestyle.  We have a lot of misconceptions about food and that dieting is the only answer to losing weight but that’s not true. […]

kelsey bryant stick to your health goals

How to stick to your health goals this year (for real this time!) So you’re starting a new fitness journey. You even got cute yoga pants and a new water jug to keep you motivated. Not only that, you have some audacious health goals! But, you may wonder, how can you stick to your health […]

overcome obstacles

Are you setting limits on what God can do in your life? Learn how overcoming obstacles with God can change everything. God wants you to be healthy. Do you believe it? Or are you partnering with unbelief and telling yourself, it’s for everyone but you? Sometimes we need truth bombs from a good Christian sister […]

fasting and prayer

Do you feel like you’ve come to the end of yourself, and done everything in your power to change an area in your life? It might be time to get closer to God by fasting. If all the striving and hard work isn’t fulfilling your soul or leading you to the spiritual victory you seek? […]

stay encouraged

Have you suffered an injury or setback, and feel like it’ll derail all the progress you’ve made while training? Is this new shift in your routine making you feel powerless, and like giving up? I know how frustrating injuries can be. I’ve had quite a few myself between playing sports and training.  So, let me […]

lose the baby weight

Is it time to lose the baby weight? Are you at least 2 years postpartum, and want to focus on your health? Or, are you 7 or 8 years out, and still struggling with losing the baby weight? Listen, mama, if there’s anything I want you to take away from this postpartum series is that […]

fit after pregnancy

Postpartum weight loss, and everything you need to know in this episode. Are you a postpartum mom ready to take back your health and wellness? Where do you start? Do you feel like you’re not sure where to start, what to eat, or how often you should exercise? What about weight loss during breastfeeding? Is […]

postpartum goals

Do you have a healthy and realistic perspective on your postpartum fitness goals?  Did you know you are 10 to 100 times more likely to accomplish a goal if you write it down?  Let me tell you now that there’s always a sustainable path toward realistic weight loss goals. Setting realistic postpartum weight loss goals […]

overwhelm in motherhood

Have you been feeling overwhelmed by motherhood and all the responsibilities that come along with it? Do you feel like actually becoming a mom looks completely different than what you expected it to? You’re not alone, and feeling overwhelmed in motherhood is more common than you think. Listen, you’re not wrong. Motherhood is hard! And […]


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