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EP 9: The hardest part of losing weight REVEALED! How to start your diet plan and actually succeed


Losing weight is easy. But starting is hard. How to start a start your diet plan and actually succeed. We are going to get healthy and enjoy it! Weight Loss Program: If there’s something we all want to achieve, that would be having a healthy body. What stops you from achieving your health goals? […]



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kelsey bryant, lies to stop believing about your body

3 lies to stop believing about your body. Are you believing these lies about your body image? 3 ways the enemy is keeping you stuck and stopping you from achieving your health goals Are you the type of woman who is used to not believing in yourself? When it comes to having a healthy body, […]

best diet

In today’s episode, we will be talking about food. When people are trying to lose weight, they often get scared of eating but food is such a big part of a healthy lifestyle.  We have a lot of misconceptions about food and that dieting is the only answer to losing weight but that’s not true. […]

kelsey bryant stick to your health goals

How to stick to your health goals this year (for real this time!) So you’re starting a new fitness journey. You even got cute yoga pants and a new water jug to keep you motivated. Not only that, you have some audacious health goals! But, you may wonder, how can you stick to your health […]

overcome the fear of failure

Do you ever fear failure? Are you tired of letting fear hold you back? Have you ever wanted to get out and live your best life, but fear keeps holding you back? Fear is a part of life. It keeps us safe, but it can also keep us from doing the things we want to […]

christian mental health

Mental health has been a taboo subject for quite some time. And especially Christian mental health. A change in mental health for Christians can lead to a belief that if “I’m depressed, then I’m not right with God”. But friend, that’s a lie from the enemy. Being healthy and fit is not just about your […]

realistic weight loss goals

It’s not uncommon to have unrealistic goals when it comes to losing weight. But as you know, setting unrealistic goals to lose 10 pounds in a week will only frustrate you when it doesn’t happen. Let me teach you how to set realistic weight loss goals in this episode. By the way, you’re not alone […]

kelsey bryant, communicate health goals

Setting goals for your health journey will give you a long-term vision and motivation. Aligning your health goals with God, will not only serve you in the specific area you’re working on, but it will also benefit other areas of your life. This is the second episode in my goal-setting series. Episode 12 “How to […]

kelsey bryant, god centered goals

Hey sister, are you ready to set your God-centered health goals this year? One of the first steps to a healthy lifestyle is having a goal that will help you throughout your journey.  Why should you set God-centered goals? Setting goals can be easy but setting God-centered health goals ensures that the goals will take […]

Kelsey Bryant women running on a treadmill

Hey ladies, the most awaited episode is finally here. Today, we’re talking about how to jump start your exercise routine.  The idea of exercising can be overwhelming especially for beginners. We are trained to believe that you’ll only lose weight if you exercise at extreme levels but that’s not true. Starting small can lead you […]


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