EP 37: Has your health taken a back seat? How to start overcoming obstacles and receive God’s blessing over your health!

May 15, 2023

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Best female Christian Trainer, Kelsey Bryant podcast host of FIT Christian Woman demonstrates correct form for the plank exercise.

Are you setting limits on what God can do in your life? Learn how overcoming obstacles with God can change everything.

God wants you to be healthy. Do you believe it?

Or are you partnering with unbelief and telling yourself, it’s for everyone but you?

Sometimes we need truth bombs from a good Christian sister to realign our thinking. And I want you to apply these truths to your situation. No excuses. No remarks like “Yeah, but…”

Once you have the information, it’s up to you to make a change!

Overcoming Obstacles That Are Hold You Back

Welcome to episode 37 of Fit Christian Woman! In this episode, I’m reminding you that you’re an overcomer! And overcoming obstacles that are physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual- can all be accomplished when you walk with the Lord. 

Also, I encourage you to think of examples of god working in your life. Is He sending you signs, and you keep resisting and hesitating? Let this episode be the last sign you need before taking action on improving your health!

Remember, God’s blessing is on your life, and obedience is the key to blessings taking root. Just stop fighting it! 

You got this girlfriend, it’s time to start!

Let’s do this!


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