EP 36: Stay on track with your weight loss goals, even through the weekends, with these tips

March 22, 2023

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weight loss over the weekend tips

Does your weight loss mindset get derailed when the weekend rolls around?

During the weekend, the change in routine can throw off your regular eating behaviors and leave you feeling unprepared and confused about what to eat. Do you find it difficult to stay on track with your weight loss goals because you’re not in your usual routine?

Consider this, your exercise and meal choices could be overly restricted, and lead you to indulgences on the weekends. Do you tend to make choices out of alignment with your goals because of it?

Weekend Weight loss tips

With a few simple weight loss tips, planning, and self-discipline you can enjoy every day of the week while planning to indulge a little over the weekend.

How to stay on track

Welcome to episode 36 of Fit Christian Woman! In this episode, I’m giving practical advice on how to plan your weekend and not ruin your progress with weekend binge eating. 

I’m guiding you on how to stay true to your goals by partnering and walking with the Lord. Remember that He helps us see this as an opportunity to conquer your body because you get to lead from the Spirit!

The weekend no longer has to throw a wrench in your weight loss goals!

Let’s do this!


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