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Just as the Father is three parts in one (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), you are body, soul, and spirit, 1 Th 5:23.
The body is flesh and a temporary house for your soul and spirit. The soul consists of your mind, will, and emotions. The Spirit or Holy Spirit resides in you after accepting Christ as your Savior.  
Aligning your body, soul and spirit is the path to physical and spiritual health. I'll show you how!



Physical and spiritual training for busy christian women

Hi, I’m Kelsey! I am a clinical exercise physiologist, committed to helping Christian women dominate their health. With more than 10 years of experience, I've worked at one of the top hospitals in the world and persevered through many fitness trends.
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Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Pilates instructor, encourager, and expert

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“For years I've tried doing just one of these things without the others and would have very limited and short term success. 

Kelsey’s teachings using Scriptures and encouragement are part of what I know to be a key factor in my success.” — Debbie

“Kelsey was very encouraging and kept me moving. She was fun, energetic and included a great mix of exercises to work different muscles, some of which I have never worked before.” — Sheila

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