The FIT Christian Woman 


 Empowering Christian Women to Shed Pounds, Strengthen Their Faith, and Embrace God's Blessings for a Healthier, Happier Life

Feeling disconnected from your fitness goals while yearning to bring God into your health journey?

 The FIT Christian Woman Community is here to bridge that gap, connected through our user-friendly app, designed to empower you with healthy lifestyle solutions, heart-rate based exercise tracking, easy nutrition logging, and accountability coaching with Kelsey.

Struggling to find a holistic approach to health that aligns with your faith?

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Step 1

Join the weekly live coaching sessions via Zoom. Get personalized guidance, body, soul, and spirit.

Step 2

 Heath is just the beginning and this community will support you to walk in freedom and Fulfill you God-Give purpose.

Then this

Live fitness coaching on Zoom empowers you to reach your goals

Quickly track food

Learn how to use heart rate based exercise to get the best results

HR monitor provided

Exercise Tracking

Live Weekly Meetings

No macro counting, just snap a photo of your plate for accountability

Program Features

Life is so enjoyable when you have control over your health. Health is freedom and God never intend for something as natural as eating and exercise to consume your thoughts and stifle your Spirit. 

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