An online course to help you get a clear direction, set goals that actually matter and stay motivated to reach them. 

Is it time that you did that thing?

Go from dreaming to Achieving

The Goal Setting Workshop


Change your mindset, and brainstorm goals that meet your lifestyle.
 Get organized and select the goals with the biggest impact.
Create a detailed plan with no more guessing- just action taking steps!

Here's What You'll Learn

Let's break it down

You've been dreaming of many goals, now it's time to establish a clear direction. You will take time to ask Holy Spirit to guide and reveal a theme for you goals. 
You will also take time to chose the goals with the biggest impact. Understand how putting all your effort into a few goals reaps big reward. 

Get Clear

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Limit distractions and stay consistent. 
Learn to make health a priority and add it into your lifestyle.
Feel encouraged to say "no."
Find enjoyment in goal setting and the plan you created, giving you success in staying consistent. 


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Learn, Plan, Achieve

Set yourself up for success, don't miss the first step.  Determine what you need to learn and grow closer to your goal immediately. 
Details at every step. Create a plan where you always know the next step removing overwhelm and adding control. 

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Correct your thinking. Leave guilt and shame behind. See every day as a chance to make healthy choices.
I'll show you how to switch your mindset from overwhelming perfectionism to a grace-filled approach for healthy goal setting. 

Never feel the need to start over again

I'm here to help you make changes

Incorporate all of you; body, soul & Spirit


the results you're going to get:

Confidently pick goals that serve you



Leave excuses behind



Feel in complete control over your future choices