EP 2: How to stick to your health goals this year (for real this time)!

March 30, 2022

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How to stick to your health goals this year (for real this time!)

So you’re starting a new fitness journey. You even got cute yoga pants and a new water jug to keep you motivated. Not only that, you have some audacious health goals! But, you may wonder, how can you stick to your health goals for real this time?

Here’s the thing, friend. As you continue working on your health goals, you may start to feel like there’s no time to do the things that’ll actually help you in achieving a healthy lifestyle, such as exercising or meal prepping. But here’s a secret- if you have the proper mindset, then you’ll do it no matter what. 

In this episode, I’ll be giving you some tips on how to manage your mindset when it comes to your journey. You can start making the changes you need to be healthy on this very day, friend.

As you listen to this encouraging episode, I want you to take the time you need to manage your mindset and have a plan. You’ve been longing for this for a while, sis. Now it’s time to make it happen!

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Hi Friends, Welcome to the Fit Christian woman podcast – where we make health and fitness fun, inspirational and transformative from the inside out. I’m your host, Kelsey Bryant. I’m a wife, mom, daughter of the king and a clinical exercise physiologist. I’m here to help you finally find a fitness plan that works for you and glorifies Jesus. So fill up your water jug, put on your yoga pants, it’s time to get fit. 

Welcome in, we’re going to continue our talk on mindset. 

Let’s talk about how to actually stick to your health goals…

So let me ask you a question. Have you put your health off? Or have you decided that you have no time to get healthy? 

Have you been thinking that the other things are more important? Maybe you have a demanding job, or you travel often, you have small children at home, and your husband’s gone, working or, or different things like that.  

If you’ve thought that it is unobtainable to be healthy, and in your current stage of life, I have come to help you change your mindset. This way, you’ll start to work towards your health goals, even in your busiest season of life. Because there’s no real reason to keep putting health off, you can start making the changes now and even today. 

So, let’s dive in. So you can’t really know where you’re going, if you’re not sure where you are. So we’re gonna take a minute to reflect.

I just want to ask you how your health journey is going.

And this isn’t meant to shame or make you feel guilty. Sometimes I’ll ask some questions that might convict you or convict your spirit, and it always comes out of love. 

I hope you hear what this question is asking you, and I’ll repeat it. So how is your health journey going? 

It’s really just meant to take an inventory. Because like I said, You can’t know where you’re going, if you’re not sure where you are. But if you’re like, Whoa, whoa, whoa, Kelsey, I just started this health journey.

That’s not exactly true. Because every day consists of our health and our health is coming along with us. So you’ve already been on this health journey, whether you’ve neglected it, or whether you’ve, you know, had periods of really into it and doing well for yourself physically, mentally, spiritually, or if you, you know, sometimes you’re laid up and that’s part of your health journey. 

Sometimes you’re in the hospital because you had a baby. And that’s part of your health journey. So you’ve already been on this health journey. And now you really don’t have an excuse to continue to neglect it. Because you’ve tuned into the podcast, you’ve gotten plugged in with the Facebook page, and found the community there of other women that just want to love and support you. So neglecting your health is no longer an option. But if you feel so confused, I have a tool to help you out. I’ll reference that in a minute. 

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 says, Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have received from God, you are not your own, you were bought at a price, therefore honor God with your bodies

I just want you to reflect, take time and then grade yourself. So I mean, these are kind of just arbitrary grades. So if maybe you’ve gone to the gym a few times a week, and then you don’t really pay attention to what you eat, maybe give yourself a B. But if you are a rockstar too, and you’ve gone to the gym, you know, five days a week for a long time. You’re always, you know, eating balanced meals and you are fit and people you know would die to have your body and you’re giving yourself an F because you’re not where you feel you should be. 

You need to stay tuned, Sister, plugin with the ladies, because we’re going to show you how awesome you are and how valuable you are.

2 Corinthians 10:5 is for you. “We destroy every proud obstacle that keeps people from knowing God, we capture their rebellious thoughts, and we teach them to obey Christ.” 

Mindset can go both ways like we can. We can be strong, mentally and physically or we can be awesome and atuned physically and lack mentally – and all women are welcome here.

This is just a supportive group to continue our own health journey. 

So there’s no right or wrong, no one, one size fits all here. So if you’re grading yourself, the idea of this and the idea of this reflection, and this realization really is the realization of I’m on my health journey already. 

The question of “how have I been doing” is really meant to empower you, even if you gave yourself a less than ideal grade. And let me explain why. Why is this meant to empower you? How Kelsey, can this be empowering when I feel like I’ve just given myself a very low grade? Because I want it to show you that you’re already on this health journey, okay. And every day you have endless opportunities to do better for your health, you are not stuck. 

If you don’t know how to start, then head over to my website and click on that big red button: I’m ready, help me.  I’ll send you a PDF download of the health journey starter kit. 

So you no longer have the ability to hide behind neglecting your health because you’re dialed into the podcast, you know what to do, and you can’t put off starting either, because I’ve already got the tools for you. So if you need that help, if you’re not sure where to start, go over and grab that health journey starter kit from the website, and continue on your journey. 

Stay tuned, because that’s what I’m here to help you with. I want to encourage you now that you’ve reflected on this, you’re already on your health journey, you’re realizing that you’re already on this health journey, and that every day, there is enough time to get healthy.  We’re not going to hold ourselves to this standard of health that has to look a certain way, like I have to go to the gym five days a week, and I have to eat a salad for lunch and dinner to be healthy. 

This is just not true. It’s not true. And it doesn’t fit into many women’s lifestyles, right?

So I want you to know that wherever you are, it’s okay. It’s honestly, okay. 

It’s time to shift our mindset because we have to ditch the idea that health is this all-or-nothing mindset. We have to stop approaching health like it has to look this certain way or it’s not right. So if you woke up on January 1st and you were ready to go, and you lived your perfect life in and you did all this and it was great, and you felt healthy, and you felt empowered. And you did it again, January 2, and then by January 3, you woke up and realized that this is not sustainable for me. All these things that I deemed healthy are great. And I want to do them. But this isn’t going to work with my lifestyle. That’s okay, you’ve done it, you know what you want, but you’re in that mindset of ‘health is this way’ or ‘health is all this effort’. 

And I don’t give myself grace. Like, ladies, where is the grace? This is why health is not an all-or-nothing mindset, because life happens. And we need the grace. 

If you’re starting something new, or if the idea is to read your Bible every day and let’s say you did it great for a month, and then maybe you missed a day or so like – you’re not going to just throw your Bible away, you’re not going to just say, “oh, well, I’ll start again next January, and then maybe I’ll get it right.” No, you’re going to give yourself that grace.  You’re going to say “oh, well, I’m either off-plan, and I’ll pick up where I left off, or I’ll catch up, or I’m just going to skip that little period. And I’m going to start the reading plan on the day it is today.” So you give yourself grace on so many of these things. 

Think of your children if you’re teaching them something, and they’re learning to color in the lines, and they accidentally mess up or go out, like you’re not going to trash the whole picture that they’ve done, you know, and put all their little tiny heart into and their work into just because one or two lines are outside. You know, they color it outside of the lines and a few things know you’re gonna give them grace, why do we have such a hard time giving ourselves grace, especially when it comes to diet and exercise? Like, it’s okay. But you need to take that reflection. 

Take a time, take a minute, remember that health is not all or nothing, and reset and make a better choice for the next time. Or if you’ve you know, if you missed your exercise time at the gym that day and you can’t fit it in anywhere else. That’s okay. You’re going to continue making good food choices that day. And then the next day you’re going to go back to the gym or whatever you’re scheduled to go again. 

It does not have to be all or nothing ladies, and it’s time to break away from that because every day you’re on your health journey. So you can either choose to take steps for it or choose to kind of stay where you are or choose to take steps against it really. But I know that you guys aren’t going to do that because you’re here you’re ready to take more. 

So give yourself that grace, and continue to learn what’s best for you, this is my health is not all or nothing, you’re continuing to learn, if you already knew it, you would do it, like you would have already known it. Like, if you knew you needed to eat a gluten-free diet. Or if you knew that working out three days a week makes you feel the best instead of five days a week, or instead of one day a week. If you already knew all these things, you’d be doing it, but this is part of the journey is learning what serves you best. 

Another thing – just like when we started this episode, like there’s different seasons in life. So some seasons are going to be five days a week at the gym and putting on muscle and looking super lean and super fit for you know, your vacation where you’re going to don your skimpy bikini, and other seasons of life. 

I have two small children that I have to keep alive every day and they wear me out. So going into the gym for 30 minutes is all I have twice a week. That’s okay. These things are all great. 

They’re all a step on your health journey. And giving yourself that grace to learn what you need in that season is how you develop real health, real lasting health. Giving yourself the ability to have that grace is so important, especially as you’re learning what serves you and what doesn’t. And then especially as your seasons are changing, give yourself that grace. 

So let’s kind of just recap. We took that mental inventory to see where you were on your health journey. You’re going to adapt to the mindset that health is not all-or-nothing.

And then you’re going to give yourself grace as you learn what’s best for you.

Learning how to be the healthiest you and give yourself grace, so you can define what health looks like for you. Thank you, ladies, thank you for tuning in. And we’ll finish up with our mindset series in the next episode.

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