EP 1: Ready to get fit? How to get physically and spiritually fit in 3 doable steps!

March 28, 2022

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Physically and spiritually fit.  Kelsey Bryant.

Are you ready to start your health journey this new year? Have you finally decided that IT’S TIME? If yes, then you’re on the right track and in the right place because today we will start a healthy journey to get more physically and spiritually fit!

In this first episode of Fit Christian Woman, we’ll be diving into the process of starting a sustainable health journey, important things you need to remember as you dive deeper, and how to always align it with what God has planned for you. And I know starting a new health routine can be challenging, but I know that you can do it, friend!

Preparing yourself for the journey is important which is why you need to know what motivates you to make this decision of being healthy. As we talk more in this episode, you’ll find out the important aspects of this journey such as what to expect, how it feels and much more. 

Tune in this insightful episode and let’s start your health journey!

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Hi friends, Welcome to the Fit Christian woman podcast where we make health and fitness fun, inspirational and transformative from the inside out. I’m your host, Kelsey Bryant. 

I’m a wife, mom, daughter of the king and a clinical exercise physiologist. I’m here to help you finally find a fitness plan that works for you, and glorifies Jesus. So fill up your water jug, put on your yoga pants, it’s time to get fit. 

Welcome to the podcast. I’m so glad you’re here. Today, we’re going to be talking about mindset

Let me take a minute to kind of introduce myself and tell you about why I got started. So I am so passionate about health and wellness, I am really into helping women get healthy and showing them a simpler way to do health, and to allow them to achieve health while continuing on with their lives and not stopping everything just to get healthy. 

Allowing them to work health into everyday activities along with maintaining health through vacations, and hard seasons of life – health can really be achieved all the time.  It can look different in different seasons. 

I encourage women and give them a direct plan and permission to make health their own. 

So, that’s what I have set out to do with this podcast, I have wanted to share my knowledge and do it in the best way possible to reach the most people and this podcast is the way to do it. 

I’m glad you’re here, share it with your friends, subscribe, download it, or leave me a review. And, you know, bless someone else by sharing it as well.

I am a clinical exercise physiologist.

And really what that means is I have studied the field of exercise along with health and wellness, diet and nutrition, and how all these things can help prevent and reverse illnesses and diseases. 

I have always been passionate like I said about health and wellness.  I love that I have studied it and can bring it to just about all the women that I can interact with.  I hope that you find my knowledge to be applicable to you, to your lifestyle, and to what you’re trying to achieve. 

I am married. I live in sunny Florida, I have two beautiful children, a boy, and a girl. And I love getting up early in the morning. I love to weight train and exercise. But I don’t like to run. So just a little fun tidbit about me you will not find running in my workouts ever. 

But in all seriousness, let’s jump into our topic of the day and into our mindset. 

So when I first got started, when I was learning more about exercise, and how physical fitness changes, so many things for the body, I was always keeping it at the surface thinking that if I’m physically fit, I will feel better and be better. 

So many studies show that exercise improves mental health and it does. But I was always like, just barely there. Like I never felt complete. I never felt fully healthy. I felt like I was always trying to achieve more health. And I think that in some ways, I’ll always feel that. But not in the sense of where I was with the guilt and the shame and the detriment. But I always can learn something new about my health and how to elevate it in a way that continues to serve me. 

So that’s the goal is that I want to continue to learn about ways that I can thrive and be better. But I also want to feel complete. And when I first started I just didn’t have that. I knew how to be healthy physically. But there was more that was missing. I felt good. Physically, I never had aches and pains. I rarely got sick.

I thought I was healthy.

I thought I was pictured to have health, and I helped many women achieve physical health during that time. But what I really was missing is that I needed health to go deeper than just physical appearance.

Now we know and it’s becoming more and more popular that we need to be healthy mentally, emotionally, physically, but also spiritually. And I think many wellness practitioners are still missing the spiritual part.

As I was really exploring my Christianity in growing in my relationship with God, that was what was such a big calling for me is that I needed to get healthy, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

I had already gotten healthy physically, but I needed these other aspects.

So if you’re lacking in any of these aspects, you’ve come to the right place. And that’s why, as I mentioned, I’ll always be trying to achieve a healthier form of health, like a deeper form of health. Because I always want to increase my spirituality, I always want to see if I can be healthier, more mentally, or emotionally, emotionally more available for my husband or my children. 

So there’s so many layers to this, that I’ll always continue to work on that. But that should be encouraging. And I mean that because I’ve come to a place where I feel like I’m totally in control of my health. And that I’ve, I’ve noticed that I can thrive in my physical health, my mental-emotional health, and my spiritual health, all at once. 

That is what I’ve come to help you with, and to and to share with women because it’s so important. It was such a breakthrough in my life. And it’s become so much more, I’ve created this foundation of physical health, spiritual, mental, and emotional health, that has really propelled me in so many areas of life. 

And it’s such a game-changer. 

That’s what I want to share with you, through me when I was starting to really dive into this health, you know, go from the physical appearance into the spiritual health. What was driving me or really like what was calling to me, when I wanted to get healthier and get more than just physical health, I felt like I was really ready for more, I was ready for a more joyous life, I was ready for more fun and more freedom and more confidence. 

There was always a part of me that was like, just on the verge and like ready to step over the edge. But something kept me stuck. 

I wanted to be a better mother, I wanted to be a better wife and a better friend. I wanted to be more available to people and to create these great relationships. And I always felt like there was something that was guarded in me. And I believe it was because I wasn’t spiritually healthy, and I wasn’t mentally healthy.

On the outside, everything looks good, right? Because I had my physical health. And I smiled for the camera and all of this, but it was really, God was calling me to something much deeper. And my health was keeping me stuck, because I had only opened up to the physical part of it and not to the mental and the spiritual side.

My mindset was limited. I was so focused on just being physically healthy.

I didn’t take time to dig into the mental or emotional or spiritual health.

Just like the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit are three parts in one we are two we are body, which is the physical we are soul, which is our mental and emotional and we are spirit, which is the spiritual health, and we are spirit, which is the Holy Spirit living in us and then you can find that in 1Thessalonians 5:23.

So I embarked on this health journey because I was ready for more. And that’s really, why I do this is because I needed more out of my life. And my health was keeping me stuck. 

It was keeping me from stepping into who God was calling me to be. I wouldn’t be sitting here if I didn’t take that time to explore my mental and emotional and my spiritual health. It’s because I took the time to align that along with my physical health. And it has propelled me into being bold and living the life that I was called to live. If you’re interested in that, you can check out my website. 

But really, it’s going from empowering us physically, and then equipping us spiritually and emotionally, and then really allowing spirit to propel us into our purpose in life. And having those three in alignment is what will just take your life and turn it on its head in a good way. 

It doesn’t mean things have to change all drastically. But coming from that, that heart and that place of full health will just change everything from relationships in your life, to really the way you pursue your calling. So for you finding your why is important, it gives you the motivation and the drive.

Part of having a healthy mindset is setting these intentions to get healthy. So take time to explore what matters to you exploring your why and why you want to get healthy and what you hope to get from it. Dream big. 

I mean, God is a God of abundance. He knows your deepest desires already. Sometimes we have to allow our mind to go there and allow ourselves to be like, “yeah, I can”. “I do have that dream, and I’ve been suppressing it for so long. But I do have this dream and, you know, start a walking routine before I can hike the Appalachian Trail or whatever the dream is.” 

If things have to change, or if you need to get aligned physically, spiritually, emotionally, then start to pursue that. Take the time to decide what is your why, as you explore your change in mindset and in finding your why as one of the first steps into your health journey, it will give you that momentum, it will give you reflection, it allows for reflection finding your why. 

So for me, like I had mentioned my why I was ready for more in life, I was ready to be enrolled in and be the full Kelsey. And that is why I needed to pursue health. 

Take time to reflect on your why.

And health is for everyone. If you’re here, and the name of the podcast intrigued you-  Fit Christian woman, if you’re ready to take on your health, if you’re interested in learning more and getting healthy, then I’m here.

I’m just here to encourage you to START.

Start the process, take small steps, but start looking at where you’re healthy, and where you’re not so healthy. Take true reflection time. It’s so important. So with your mindset, you’re going to decide on your why and take time to reflect. 

And then what you’re going to do is just start and start the process, even deciding your why is a step in the right direction. 

So many times we don’t celebrate small victories or we don’t think that if I haven’t changed the number on the scale, that I’m not working towards health, and that is a lie. And that is going to trip you up every time. 

With a new mindset. With just taking action after action, you will achieve health. 

And what that will look like is taking that small step. Habits don’t form overnight. We don’t wake up one morning and just say, oh, I have a healthy habit of exercising every day. No, that’s not how it works. 

How does it work? It works with the first day you go and you exercise, whether that’s a two-minute walk, or a 20-minute walk.

That’s how habits start is that they start with doing it once and then you do it again. And then you do it again. And then you do it again. Until it is a habit and it becomes effortless. The mind perceives habits as easier tasks because it’s almost like we’re functioning on autopilot. 

So if you want to start creating healthy habits, you have to first start by taking that first step and you can do it. So deciding on your why and taking the first step is how you’re going to start your health journey.

If you’re feeling like you need a completely new approach, a healthy mindset makeover, then I have got you covered. If you want to check out my website, go and download my free health journey starter kit

It’s so important. It will tell you all the great things about mindset about a new way to approach health. If you’re always stuck in starting over, or waiting for January 1 or waiting on eating for Monday, it’s going to help free you from that. 

Because just like I said, starting with small steps is the way to start. But it doesn’t have to look a certain way. It’s time to free ourselves from all these rules or regulations or guidelines, ways of eating ways of not eating, it’s time to take health and really make it our own, it’s time for you to take out and make it your own.

If you can do one thing today towards a healthy lifestyle, then that’s a step in the right direction. And if you can do one thing today, you can do one thing tomorrow. And they don’t have to be the same thing. If you walk today, and you don’t have the time or can’t make it to walk or exercise the next day, that’s okay. Instead, you’re going to pick a different healthy choice that brings you closer to your goal. 

These small steps are so important.

And they’re overlooked, because they’re not these big victories that we can all celebrate together. But really celebrating those little wins is so important. 

It is deciding to eat a salad instead of a cheeseburger. If you’re trying to lose weight. That’s a big thing when you did that, in your own power, you made the right choice to put your health above your cravings. 

And that is a victory to celebrate if you only had 10 minutes to exercise today. And usually you exercise for an hour, and you still took advantage of those 10 minutes, that’s a win to celebrate that. So you took a 10-minute walk instead of going to the gym for an hour, it’s still better than not doing anything at all. 

So we need to give ourselves a break, you need to know that health is made over time and over the small steps. And once you’ve taken the first step, and because it becomes easier, if you’ve taken that step, and then you’re like, oh, yeah, a 10-minute walk, that was a breeze, I can do 20 another day. And then you keep adding to that this is how health is formed, it’s going to start adding up, it’s going to start changing.

If your goal is to lose weight, the scale will start moving. But you have to just consistently show up for yourself and try. You don’t have to find the right diet plan or you don’t have to, you know, go to all the guru’s or make sure that you have a personal trainer and a holistic doctor and that those things are beneficial. 

And if you’re just starting, maybe you’ll get into those things. But you have the power within yourself to just start getting healthy. And on the things you don’t know, do some research, check it out, find someone who’s done it before and follow their tips. And sometimes we make it a lot more complicated than it is.

 If we stick to a process, it will pay off. And sometimes we give up before the process even has started. But take those small steps if that’s one thing you can do, identify your why, figure out why you want to go on this health journey, why it’s time for you to switch from just diet and exercise and switch into living a healthy, healthy lifestyle. 

Decide your why.

And the good thing is it can change and grow with you. So although it’s your why today, it might not be your why in two months, you know something might change. And we’re going to give ourselves grace and peace to grow all the time. 

That is like we’re growing and we’re changing all the time. So we don’t have to be beholden to the way we are today. Because in two months, we’re going to be better, we’re going to be healthier, we’re going to be stronger. 

So identifying your why is a must and then celebrating the small wins taking any action toward a healthy lifestyle. Decide what it is. 

Make the change today. I’m not talking about starting Monday. Please, please, please don’t start Monday. Want to know why?

Because you’ll have so much pressure starting Monday over the weekend. You’re going to binge and freak out and feel restricted, that restriction is coming. And then you’re going to gorge and you’re going to eat more and the scale is going to go up and it’s not going to do anything for you. 

So if you’re sitting here right now, decide today about what you’re going to do that aids in your health. Maybe it’s going to bed an hour early. Maybe it’s not scrolling social media because that’s not healthy for your mental health. 

Maybe it’s taking that 10-minute walk before bed or 10-minute walk right when you get up. Maybe it is taking a hot bath and just having a minute to relax. 

Maybe it’s putting the kids to bed early and hanging out with your husband for an hour on the couch. Whatever it is that’s going to bring you closer to the healthier you to the healthiest you this side right now what that’s going to be and make sure you achieve it today because you can.

 It is not as big of a task or as difficult as we like to make it to be. Because we know if we’re just deciding today we’re going to do one thing, you can’t decide today that you’re going to lose 30 pounds, like you can’t just be like, ‘oh, I’m just going to lose 30 pounds, I have two more hours of the day, and I’m going to make it happen’. 

Because that sets us up for failure, right when we have these big dreams or big goals, and we don’t plan how to break them down. That sets us up for failure. 

But what you can do is set yourself up for success. Pick one thing you’re gonna do today and make it happen, you can do it, I believe in you. I’m so glad you’re here. This is just the start.

 This is just the tip of the iceberg. 

This is just encouragement for today. 

So make sure you’re tuning in, subscribe. Download this because this is just one step. 

And if you can do this one step, find some way to pick something that’s healthy today for you to add to your life. Imagine if you continue to listen and you continue to do the steps that I talked about and the process that I incorporate that I’ve helped so many women, change their life and live a healthy lifestyle. 

This is your year. This is your time and you can do this. So stay tuned. Don’t miss it. Do something for yourself today. Make it healthy. You can do it. 

I believe in you. I’m cheering you on. And I will see you or talk to you in the next episode.

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