EP 34: Recovering from an injury?  Here’s how to stay encouraged in a God-centered way

February 24, 2023

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recovering from an injury

Have you suffered an injury or setback, and feel like it’ll derail all the progress you’ve made while training?

Is this new shift in your routine making you feel powerless, and like giving up?

I know how frustrating injuries can be. I’ve had quite a few myself between playing sports and training. 

So, let me bring encouragement and some light to the situation and just say, Hey, I’ve been there, and it’ll all work out for you with a little patience, and prayer.

There is hope after an injury

Welcome to episode 34 of Fit Christian Woman! In this episode, I want to lift you up and let you know that there’s still a path for you after injury. I’m reassuring you that all is not lost, and you just need to take some time to figure out where to go from here and readjust. 

Please don’t think of health as an all-or-nothing mindset. It needs to be individual. And at this time, you can still be the healthiest YOU within this season of injury.

Take time to pray and lay it down before Jesus. He will restore you. 

Let’s do this!


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