EP 9: The hardest part of losing weight REVEALED! How to start your diet plan and actually succeed

June 3, 2022

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the hardest part of losing weight revealed. Kelsey Bryant.

Losing weight is easy. But starting is hard. How to start a start your diet plan and actually succeed. We are going to get healthy and enjoy it!

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If there’s something we all want to achieve, that would be having a healthy body. What stops you from achieving your health goals? Is it because you don’t believe in yourself? Well sweet friend, that thinking needs to stop now. 

Fear is such a powerful tool used by the enemy to lure us into thinking that we can’t do it. It’s a tactic to stop us from the progress that we’re making and make us think that we’re not worthy of doing it. Don’t let that stop you from believing in yourself, tune them out and start your winning victory over Satan.  

In this episode, we’ll be talking about an important key to a sustainable weight loss. I’ll share with you important reminders to keep especially if you’re just starting out your journey. 

If you’re someone who gets discouraged with losing weight then this episode is a perfect reminder that you can do it. Tune in and be reminded of an important key to your journey. 

Let’s do this, friend!

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Hey, ladies, welcome in. I am so excited to get talking about this topic.  Today we’re going to talk about getting started.  How can we start to get healthy and actually enjoy it? 

I was able to write this all up just the other day and I love writing it and then recording it right after because I really get to sit in all the fire of it.  So, I’m recording this the next day so I’m going to channel all that energy again, and just speak from my heart about this topic because it’s so important.

I want to talk about getting started, okay, getting started in anything really that we do. We always have to kind of take that first step and get started but I want to talk to and relate with you about the hardest part of getting healthy. 

Some of you are probably thinking it’s about knowing what to eat, or it’s about knowing what exercises are best to do.

And those things, of course, aid in this but there’s a first step. The first step to getting healthy is believing that it can be done. So believing you can get healthy, and knowing that it can be done by you. So that’s what I need you to first identify as our starting point, you have to believe you can get healthy, and know that you can do it. 

I want you to think back really to anything you’ve ever accomplished that surprised you. 

Maybe it was graduating college with a degree or doing a killer presentation at work, closing a big sale, completing a marathon, having a natural birth, okay, those things are huge. And if you think about it, where did you start? You didn’t just wake up one day and have a baby naturally, no, first, you believed you could do it and then there were steps there, right? You learned about the different ways or the different options here and you learned how as contractions get harder, you kind of zone in and do your breathing or whatnot. 

There’s always steps  – and same with like completing a marathon, first, you believed you could do it, you didn’t have to be a killer runner, you didn’t even have to know how to run a mile to sign up for the marathon, right, because first you have to believe and then you sign up, and then you get into your training. 

So, that’s the same with getting healthy. You first have to believe that you can do it, and you have to believe that you’re worthy of doing it so I don’t want you to come at me like, yeah, I could probably get healthy but I don’t know this, or I don’t know that because those things can all be learned. And if you stick with me long enough, I’m gonna give you every drop of knowledge I have on those topics, those specific topics surrounding health. 

As I continue to grow, I’m going to continue to share, so you’re going to continue to blossom. So I don’t want you to be stuck in the ‘I don’t know this and I don’t know that’ because that is just an area, the knowledge is not what’s really stopping you. 

What’s stopping you is the unbelief, the fear, the not knowing if it can be done.

So first, you have to decide if it can be done because ladies, I’m not extraordinary. I’m not exceptional. I’m just another normal human being that decided to get healthy and then she wants to share that with other women. So I don’t have anything extra that you don’t have, okay? I first had to believe that it could be done and then I went about figuring out how – so that is your key point. 

I really want to share this with you because one of my clients, I mean, like God bless her. She was crying at our second meeting. So if you don’t know, I train out of my house, I have a studio here at my home. And I take on personal training clients, and they come to me and they either exercise with me individually in a personal training session, or it’ll be one or two of them come together and then we work out like that with me coaching them. So this client, this is only our second meeting, and she comes in, she’s upset and I’m like “what’s wrong?” 

And she just says, “I just feel more out of shape than I thought I was and I just feel like my goal is so far away” and she said, “I know that’s a tactic of the enemy.” And she’s right and she said, “I know that’s a tactic of the enemy just coming at me.” And it is because she is so on fire guys, if you met her, her spirit is on fire for the Lord like she goes out and talks to anybody about Jesus. She doesn’t need an invitation like she just breathes Jesus out. So the enemy, of course, came after and was saying, like, ‘oh, you’re so far from your goal, you’re not going to get there.’ I mean, he’s coming at her. 

Let me identify why he’s coming at her. So the enemy is trying to keep her stuck. And not in true health, right, because we know that she’s on fire spiritually, mentally, she’s good. So her physical appearance is not in line with everything else that she wants, okay, so he’s coming at her trying to keep her stuck trying to keep her unhealthy, because that will squander her. 

He is telling her lies and trying to kind of weasel his way in to get her to not even show up, because if he lies to her and says, you’re so far from your goal, and so she’s not even going to try, then he wins, and he keeps her stuck. 

Okay, and that’s not fully walking out who God is calling her to be. So I share this with you because I think we’ve all been there at some time where we just feel like our goal is so far away but if you believe that you can do it and you start taking action, your goal is going to start to get a lot closer.

She shared with me the first day she walked in, I said, hey, we’re doing our introductions, and I was getting to know her. And she said, “the victory is just me being here” and I was like, “okay, yes, yes, it is. You showed up on day one. That’s awesome.”

I’ve had plenty of people fail last minute that haven’t shown up, so I agree. Showing up is half the battle. And I was so glad that she shared that with me on the first day because then on the second day, when the enemy was coming at her, I could just say, “what’s your victory today, your victory on the first day was just showing up. Maybe that’s your victory again, today, is that on day two, when the enemy was still coming at you so hard, you showed up so that if you won the victory over Satan, I’ll take care of the rest.”

You’re not here to know the exercises and I’m here to walk you through that. 

Your victory right now is just showing up and moving one step closer to your goal. You are so on fire mentally and spiritually, it’s time to get there physically, as well. 

Okay, so that is just one story of how if you believe that you can do it, you’re going to continue down that path of getting closer and closer. So if my client didn’t believe she could ever do it, she wouldn’t show up the first day and then she would say and talk to her on the second day but you know what, I just saw her again for the third day. So she believes that she can do it. 

It’s so important because even if your goal feels further away than you thought, if you keep coming, and you keep believing pretty soon, that goal is in sight. And then it’s a little bit closer and a little bit closer. So you will get to that goal faster, if you believe that you can. So if you’re still sitting there and you’re thinking like ‘I do think I can do this, Kelsey, but I don’t know this, or I don’t know that.’ Okay, that’s okay because those things can be learned and I can teach you those things. So it’s really not the knowledge holding you back. 

I want you to be able to believe you can get healthy, because just like I said, I’m not exceptional. If I can do it, anyone can do it.  Cathy Heller puts it best, she’s another podcaster, she’s amazing. If you haven’t looked her up, go check her out but she puts it best because she says,  “I’m not a looking at me, girl. I’m a come with me girl.” And that’s exactly how I feel. I want to hold your hand and show you how to do it but you first have to believe that you can do it because I can’t just drag you along and then hope that some of it sticks. 

You have to believe that you can do it so that way you’re open to receiving all the knowledge. You’re open to trying things a little bit different so that they meet your needs so I want you to come along with me. Okay, I don’t want you to say yeah, that worked for you but it won’t work for me. Yes, it will. It will because I try to make plans specific for you. I tried to give you the encouragement to adapt health to go this way or that way with different seasons of life and different needs to be met. So I don’t want to be a shiny object for you. 

I want you to come with me and let’s start to get healthy and get healthy together. So believe that you have the power because you do and you deserve to be healthy. Fear keeps us from so many things. It might keep us from asking for the promotion or starting our own business or it also can keep us from reaching our health goals but what does the Bible say about fear, “for God did not give us the spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind”. 

Okay and fear can come up from past rejections, trauma, unbelief. So I want you to take some time. And if you journal that’s great. Or you can pause the podcast and just take some time to really think about this prompt. 

So when you think about getting healthy, are you like,’ yes, I’m all in, I’m sold out, I’m gonna do whatever it takes this time. I am all into making these permanent changes. I’m all into going from where I am right now and never coming back here, to being the healthiest me’ – or do you think, ‘I just can’t do it? It’s not for me, I’ll never get there.’ Just sit with those things. Just sit with the question. 

Pray, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you that way he can reveal anything that you might be glazing over. And just ask yourself,’ when I think about getting healthy, what is my first reaction? What comes up? What’s the first thought that pops into my head? Are they negative or positive?’ 

‘Is there something that’s keeping me and self sabotaging me time and time again or am I ready to believe that I can do it because Kelsey isn’t an exception, she isn’t anything different from me. She’s just a woman who started her journey before me. And I can learn from her and I can be healthier than her.’ It’s true. 

You can make this journey, whatever you want to make it. 

So take some time, sit with those questions. And if you’re not sure, I really want to invite you to go to my website, kelsey-bryant.com and click on the first big red button you see that says ‘I’m ready, help me’, because you’ll get my free jumpstart guide. 

You can start working through some of these prompts to kind of dig into that because I don’t only want you to believe that you can do it, you can get healthy, but I also want you to know that it can be fun. If you’re like a huh?!, let me explain because anything worth doing, and anything worth your time, should be fun, right? 

It should be enjoyable, it should make you come alive. So I don’t want you to get stuck, this is really how my approach is different. I want your health journey to be fun and successful because if it’s grueling and hard work, it really zaps your energy and it makes it really easy to quit, right? 

Think about when things are really hard sometimes we just don’t do them and we can do that even through our health so I want you to know that this can be fun, and that you can do it. 

So here’s what you’re going to kind of commit to yourself this is going to be kind of, I don’t know your affirmation or your mantra or whatever – words that you use but you’re going to say to yourself, time and time again, not just once a day, but as long as it is until you need to believe it. ‘I’m going to get healthy, and I’m going to enjoy it.’ 

‘I’m going to get healthy, and I’m going to enjoy it.’ Write it on a sticky note, put it on your fridge, put it on your mirror, put it on your pantry, put it in your car, wherever you need it. 

Okay, continue to say this to yourself all the time, ‘I’m going to get healthy, and I’m going to enjoy it. I’m going to improve physically, mentally, and spiritually.’ 

When you write it and you put it up, especially like on the fridge or on the pantry and you’re staring at it, you go to get that snack, and you see that saying, ‘I’m going to get healthy, and it’s going to be fun,’ or ‘I’m going to get healthy, and I’m going to enjoy it.’ If you’ve read that, you open that pantry, and you need a snack – instead of the Doritos, you’re going to grab the trail mix. Why, because you’re reaching for your goals you’re going in, and you’re giving yourself permission to do it. 

Believe that you can do it and know that you can do it.

And then you are making that correct choice because trail mix is fun. I enjoy trail mix, I eat it often. It gives me the crunch and the sweetness and all the things and it leaves me feeling a lot better than a bag of Doritos. 

When you’re going to improve your health and you believe that you can do it, ‘I’m going to get healthy, and I’m going to enjoy doing it’. I want you to also think ‘I’m worthy of getting healthy, I believe I can get healthy and I believe it can be fun.’ And that’s the attitude I want you to have because if that’s not the attitude that you bring, ‘I know I can get healthy and it’s going to be fun’, then I can’t really help you and I really feel like no one can. 

If you’re thinking well Kelsey, if you can’t help me then no one can. Well, it might be true but I’m not here to do all the work for you. I’m not here to just give you here, eat this, do that. What I want to show you is that if you believe that you can do it, it’s done – like you can do it. 

You have the power of God inside of you. It’s time to move forward and believe that you can do it. 

If you get that jumpstart guide, take time with those prompts. ask the Holy Spirit to guide you.  Pray before you before you write, check out the show notes here on the podcast because it will include the link for it but I want you to not let fear too keep you from getting started. 

You have to believe that you can and that it can be done because it can. Again, I’m not exceptional. 

If you’ve seen friends or you’ve had friends lose 30 pounds, 20 pounds, a bunch of weight, and you’ve seen them do it. Okay? Are they anything different than you know, you can do it too. 

I’ve helped many women. So they’ve lost 30 pounds, 40 pounds, they’ve lost 12 inches, 22 inches, and get out a measuring tape and measure out 12 inches and look at that in a linear scale.  And that is a lot of inches, that’s a whole foot, right. And when you see it, that of someone is just gone, like it’s just gone, they no longer carry around that extra weight, they no longer take up that much more space, that’s really motivating. And they feel good. And it’s not about my ability, okay, you can see my testimonies, I can show you a degree about all the things that I can help you do. 

Okay, but you have to believe you can achieve it. And then you take action on that. And that is how you get started. 

Okay, you have to believe. And then when the enemy comes knocking, because he will, because he only attacks those that are powerful, the enemy doesn’t waste his time with the girl sitting in the corner that’s meek, that will never do anything, right. 

The enemy comes in attacks, those that have big destinies in Christ, that have big callings on their lives that have this action. And this will in this drive in the Spirit inside of them, the enemy comes to attack them. So when the enemy comes, because we know that he will, when he comes knocking, you’re no longer going to give into the belief. 

Well, I’ll sleep in today, and I’ll begin tomorrow. No, what you’re going to do is because you believe that you can do it, you’re going to stand up, you’re going to get dressed, and then you’re going to do whatever action steps go to the gym, know that it can be done, and you’re gonna take the time to put action to it. 

The hardest part about getting started is believing that it can be done. So if you just declare to yourself, that ‘it’s time to get healthy’, that ‘I can do it’. And ‘it’s going to be enjoyable,’ which I hope you did because health is for everyone. And many don’t believe that they can do it, that’s what keeps them stuck. 

They don’t believe that they can get healthy, they don’t believe that they deserve to be healthy and that keeps them stuck – but if you’ve just drawn the line in the sand, and you’re ready, and you have committed and you believe you can do it, and you’re ready to put action behind this declaration you just made over your life. 

I want you to join me. I’m inviting those who are ready to take action and have fun. Okay, if you still think that losing weight and getting healthy has to be grueling, then don’t show up. I don’t want you in my two week challenge, okay. And I say that just out of love, like you just still need to put some work into this mindset. I only want those who know that they can do it and are ready to have fun doing it because this two week weight loss challenge is going to be so fired, that energy is going to be awesome. 

If you’ve learned anything from me in these podcasts and from this free information I give out how much better will this be when you have direct access to me, you get to ask your specific questions. All I need you to do is show up, believe that you can do it, show up with a notebook and open heart and open mind and the energy is going to be amazing. I’m going to bring it to you live. And yes, there’ll be replays if you can’t make it live, but I’m going to bring it to you live, you’re going to want to be there because you’ll get your specific questions answered. 

You’ll get to start to form this community, you’ll get immediate action steps. So you can start losing weight right away. So if you want to lose five pounds from February 15 to March 1st, and you can commit, then I want you to sign up now. And you can check that out at my website, www.kelsey-byant.com/weightloss of all included down below in the show notes too but that’s kelsey-bryant.com/weightloss and I’m only taking 15 ladies. 

And if you ask why. 

It’s because I really need this to be life-changing. 

You need this to be life-changing, this needs to be personal, it’s meant to be personal. I don’t want to come on to a zoom room full of 500 because I don’t want you to be lost. 

I want you to have time to ask these specific questions, things that have kept you stuck, whether they’re about what snacks to eat, or whatever your question is that specifically affects you. 

I want to be able to dive into that but I want you to be able to ask those specific things and find that clarity and that freedom. So if you’re ready to do this, then I want you there. 

If you believe that you can start your journey or continue on in your journey or if you’ve hit a plateau and you’re ready to just get past those next five pounds. You believe that you can do it and you want to have fun doing it, then I want you there, I want you to show up and check it out. And just be there and learn. And if you need more on getting started, the next two episodes are going to be great. 

They’re going to cover getting started in exercise and getting started in eating healthy, which is going to lead them perfectly into the two week weight loss challenge so you’re going to get great information before we even begin. I’m going to include some bonuses in there too. Things that will be specifically just for those in the challenge. So if you’re interested sign up now to secure your spot. I’m only taking 15 and that again is at kelsey-bryant.com/weightloss. I can’t wait to connect and see you there.

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