How to Feed Your Spirit and Apply the Bible in Your Own Life with the SOAP Method

September 21, 2023

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When was the last time you felt balanced between family, work, and health?

In this episode, I’m opening up about my personal journey of transformation and reliance on God’s guidance. I’ll share how prioritizing health and nourishing yourself spiritually can not only improve your well-being, it can also strengthen your faith like it did for me.

I’m sharing with you a simple and effective method to help you go deeper on God’s word called the S.O.A.P. Method.  

I pray this episode blesses you.

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Listen to the full episode here:

What we cover in this episode:

[00:01:12]  Feeding Your Spirit
[00:02:38]  Prioritizing Health in Busy Seasons
[00:05:04]  Feeding Your Spirit with the Word of God
[00:12:21]  Feeding the Spirit vs. Sensationalized Diet
[00:13:39]  Feeding Your Spirit with the Word of God
[00:14:46] Using the SOAP Method for Bible Study

Read the full transcript here:

Health is deeper than just physical appearance. When you bring your entire cell, body, soul and spirit in alignment with God’s will, there’s nothing you can’t do. If you’re searching to create a manageable blueprint for long lasting health that is fun, inspirational and transformative, where you can combine the science of today with biblical truth to develop a plan that you can feel good about. Look no further. Welcome to the Fit Christian Woman podcast. I’m your host, Kelsey Bryant. I’m a wife, mom, daughter of the king and clinical exercise physiologist. I’m also the owner of Tampa, Florida’s most convenient mobile personal training services. Atmos Effect Fitness. Not only do we bring the fitness to you, but we create an atmosphere where you can feel confident, focused and able to crush your goals on your terms. In this podcast we’ll journey through fitness using my approach to health that combines First Corinthians 6:19 through 20 with modern science, because God made you one of a kind. So you would glorify Him by treating your body and your health like a temple. So if you’re ready to align your body, soul and spirit with God, through a health and fitness routine that meets your lifestyle, then you’re in the right place. Welcome to your new favorite podcast sweet, friend, fill up your water jug, put on your yoga pants, it’s time to get fit.

Welcome in Fit Christian Women, it’s time to feed your spirit today, I have been in a heavy season lately. I’ve been focusing on my family, on helping my kids who are seven and four really flourish with extracurricular activities. And I’ve hit a hard part in my relationship with my husband. And we’re really focusing on communicating in this season of life. And we’re learning how to overcome obstacles, which is really beautiful, but it’s hard. It’s emotionally exhausting. And then I’m physically exhausted, doing all the things with my children, running them here and there and coming up with ideas activities to do and participating in those activities. 

So I’m emotionally exhausted at one end, and then I’m physically exhausted in another, and I can start to see my habits and my routines slipping away. And I’m giving lackadaisical in my decision making when it comes to my health. Grabbing quick dinners or allowing myself to skip a meal, I’m just starting to step out of my routine. And I share this because I want you to identify because even as an exercise professional, these things happen. Because I’m not just an exercise professional. I am a mother of two children, I’m involved in ministry work, I am also a wife, and then I trained and I run a business. So I have a lot to do. You have a lot to do. And we get distracted with all the doing and the things that we can really start to lose ourselves or our routines in that time. 

So I want to ask you if it’s ever happened to you, where other priorities take precedence over your health, and where your needs as a mom really get trumped by others. And your needs as a woman or even a person just don’t seem to get met. Everyone needs from you. And you don’t find the time to give yourself what you need. It’s pretty much that your cup’s empty, you’re pouring from an empty cup. And if you’ve been there, you know how physically and emotionally exhausting it can be. We’ve all been there or we will be there. 

So how can I help you get what you need in this season of life, maybe things are not going to shift. And even if you put a halt on some of the good things, but your season is just busy with kids activities, extracurriculars for yourself or your family. Maybe you have a sick parent and you have to continue to care for them as well. Seasons get really hard. And if you can join my program that’s excellent to help you get into a routine and to help you create a healthy lifestyle. 

But if that is impossible, right now, I want to give you this tip today. I want to encourage you to feed your spirit. Just as we feed our bodies nourishing food. We need to feed our spirit too. We have a lot of new listeners to this podcast and I just want to say welcome. I’m Kelsey and I speak about this alignment principle of body, soul, and spirit and were three parts in one. And we need to care for each part correctly. And I help women do this by creating a healthy lifestyle that honors Christ. 

And today I want to focus on feeding your spirit. In my program, I don’t adhere to a certain eating style, I usually start off helping women understand how to fuel their bodies properly, here’s a tip for you, you probably aren’t eating enough. And then I also teach a balanced diet approach and that a specific diet approach. And this gives you freedom to eat the way you prefer, while still finding success. But just as our bodies need food, our spirit needs food too. 

Do you know how to feed your spirit? Good thing the Bible tells us in 1 Peter 2 back to how we feed our spirit. I’ve been going verse by verse in Peter, and God has really highlighted the richness of how to live as a believer, I’ve really needed to take these instructions verse by verse, because as I stated earlier, I’m in this hard season of life, and I’m trying to balance work and family. And I’m really focusing on strengthening my marriage and not allowing the devil to destroy it. And I have to take this time to focus on how I’m conducting myself. And I’m giving a lot and I need to be filled up. Just like I mentioned, that empty cup, my cup is empty, it needs to be filled out so I can continue to pour out of it. 

I also need this instruction on how I should conduct my life in each of these areas. That’s why I love the Bible. I love reading scripture, even if I’ve read some verses time and time again, when I come hungry, when my spirit comes hungry before the Lord, I get fed when I read the Bible. And here’s what 1 Peter 2 says, Get rid of all evil behavior, be done with deceit, hypocrisy, jealousy, and all unkind speech. And for me that was true. And especially when I said focusing on my marriage, or unkind speech that really put a stop in it, thinking about the way I’m talking about my marriage, am I breathing life into it? Or am I killing it, and then the way that I’m using my speech to talk to my husband, if I want to build up our marriage, then I need to be guarding my words, and how I talk to him. And 1 Peter 2 says, so get rid of all evil behaviors be done with hypocrisy, jealousy, and all unkind speech. 

For me, it wasn’t listed. But revenge was something I had to take out, I had to realize I didn’t really want to hurt my husband, the way I felt he had hurt me. So I needed to stop that. But 1 Peter 2 continues, and here’s the meat of this, like newborn babies, you must crave pure spiritual milk, so that you will grow into your full experience of salvation, cry out for this nourishment, now that you have had a taste of the Lord’s kindness. And I’ve said this before, and I continue to say it, salvation is not the end, did you hear what it said, so that you will grow into a full experience of salvation. 

Salvation in Christ is just the beginning. You don’t come to salvation through Christ and just decide I’m safe, I’m saved. I’ll continue to live the way I’m living. And I’ll see Jesus in heaven. And that’s it. Salvation is the beginning of a whole new life in Christ. And it’s just the beginning of your change in your transformation, once you give your heart to Christ, and if you haven’t done that I want to encourage you to do so once you do that, then you work with him, you walk with Him into examining every area of your life, and how it can be transformed to glorify the Lord. 


And that’s what I’m doing right now in my marriage is I’m walking hand in hand with the Lord. I’m reading Peter, verse by verse to understand how I can better myself for my marriage. And it’s ugly at times. And I know because I’m being stretched right now. But it’s always better on the other side of these trials when God transforms you. I know from the past, I’ve shared my story and health, and I’ve shared my story on how God has freed me from a 19 year, just warped self image, food addiction, worked body image issues, and just God just delivered me and restored me so I know that He is faithful. 

I’ve shared other miraculous stories that God has done in my life. And I do that to encourage you to look back and use those in time of strength when he’s taking you through another trial. But this passage highlights that we need spiritual milk to grow into the full experience of salvation. Salvation is here on Earth. And you’re continuously purified. Think trial by fire here on Earth. As a believer, you need to feed your spirit and you need to feed your spiritual milk. Just as newborn babies need milk, we must crave spiritual milk so that we can grow. So what is that the sincere milk of the word? The word is what feeds our Spirit, the Word of God. 

Every day, I’ve been reading verse by verse, And God has strengthened my spirit and bless me in each area that I’m struggling with. He’s made room in my schedule, to play with my kids and to do extracurricular activities. He’s given me that tender heart and understanding toward my husband, we have to feed our spirit with the Word of God, if we do not feed our spirits, what can happen? There’s always two things pining over our souls, God, and the devil, it’s one or the other. If I don’t feed my Spirit, the Word of God, the world will feed me something. 

We have to be careful that the world does not feed our spirit. And instead, we turn to the Word of God, to feed our spirit and the Bible to feed our spirit. The world will feed our spirit through desires, temptations, and that keeps us distracted and focused on the here and now and not on eternity. Sensationalism and the things of this world, fame, quick fixes. The next big thing either in status or in health. So for example, the keto diet is a really popular diet. And many try it because the recipes on Pinterest publicize cream cheese chicken and all the popular recipes are full of fat and protein and look delicious. But in my opinion, the keto diet has been sensationalized. The keto diet is a very, very low carb diet, high fat high protein, but there’s more to it that isn’t publicized, because steamed vegetables are not as sexy as smothered chicken. I think it’s a sensationalized diet. That way of eating sounds great, looks great, but it’s misleading. It’s actually very difficult for someone who’s eating the standard American diet, to put themselves into ketosis, and then to maintain it for some time. So keto isn’t bad. I just wanted to highlight how the keto diet has been sensationalized. And if it’s worked for you, keep going, I support you. I just don’t want you to tune me out because we might have a difference of opinion in that. I just wanted to highlight that keto is sensationalized. It’s the newest and fastest way to lose weight, and we can fall into that sensationalism. 

We really want to be careful that sensationalism doesn’t take over our spiritual health too. People or organizations promoting sensationalism sensationalized spirituality, or sensationalized Christianity. Ask yourself, are you correctly feeding your spirit with the pure spiritual milk that comes from God? Are you feeding your spirit with the things of this world? 

Let’s put it this way. Think of a hot fudge sundae. It tastes good. It’s exciting. But the problem is that it’s not nourishing. That’s what Peter is saying. You grow by the word of God. This is how you feed your Spirit, the Word of God strengthened you. The Word of God is true and nourishing. It’s not a hot fudge sundae. It’s a well balanced bowl of the best things we could ever eat, leaving us full strength and energized and feeling guided. It’s made a difference for me in just a few days to really be digging in and to eat the Word of God. So I challenge you, ladies, feed your spirit. Try it for the next three days, seven days, dig in and read and allow God to speak to you. 

If you’re facing trials and you have not nourished yourself with the Word of God, you will be spiritually weak. If you’re pouring out and pouring out from a cup that’s empty. You need to feed your spirit. If you’re pouring out and you’re pouring out and you’re malnourished, you need to feed your spirit. This is 

the Word of God that developed spiritual growth. The Word of God feeds your spirit. You cannot grow apart from the Word of God. If you want to do this, if you need to do this This study that I have been going through really highlighted the soap method of studying the Bible, and I’m gonna share it make sure to save this episode. So you can use this method in your morning quiet time. And you can find the freebie down below and download it from the show notes. 

The soap method or soaps, because I made it plural, goes like this, the S will stand for scribe, journal or write the verse that you want to memorize. going verse by verse allowed me to write down the verse, and then really take time to meditate on it. As you’re writing each word, it helps you learn the verse, O, for soap is observe, determine what God is seems to be saying to you through this passage, A is apply what you’re going to do about it today. And then P for pray, ask God for what you need to apply this passage to your life today. And then that s when I made it plural is share we learned from teaching, can you share this message and what God is showing you with a friend or someone that needs to hear it. I’ve created this PDF download and it has the soap method on it. And I’ve shared it here in the show notes just as a tool for you to feed your spirit. You want to jump on my email list. That’s where I’m sharing all the best things I kind of pop into your inbox and share methods like this. Talk to you about how to strengthen your health and how to really strengthen yourself body, soul and spirit. So if this episode is interesting to you, if you’re ready to feed your spirit and dig into the Word of God, go and get my free download. The soaps method is perfect way to get started into doing that. Until next time, find a way to feed your spirit. We’ll chat soon. 

Thank you so much for listening. I hope this episode has really blessed you and if it has, please tell a friend and leave a review. I appreciate it so much. Plus it helps to grow the reach of this podcast so more Christian women can find true health too.

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