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postpartum exercise
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EP 30: Getting fit after pregnancy- part 4- how to safely start a postpartum exercise routine


Have you asked your doctor about postpartum exercise? Are you wondering how soon after giving birth you can exercise? Are you worried about getting hurt when you get back to physical activities after pregnancy? Are you ready to discover how to take care of your body after giving birth?  Well, it’s your lucky day! If […]



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postpartum fitness

Are you a first-time mom struggling with getting fit after pregnancy? Or is this your second or third pregnancy- but your body just isn’t bouncing back as it did with your other pregnancies? Are you wondering if it’s even safe to start an exercise program yet? I am so ready to answer all these questions […]

Have you started training but failed to stay committed to working out? Are you waiting to start exercising until your kids are grown or until you have more time? Or maybe you just don’t love working out with all the people at the gym? The truth is exercising without a guide is a challenge. But […]

Kelsey Bryant women running on a treadmill

Hey ladies, the most awaited episode is finally here. Today, we’re talking about how to jump start your exercise routine.  The idea of exercising can be overwhelming especially for beginners. We are trained to believe that you’ll only lose weight if you exercise at extreme levels but that’s not true. Starting small can lead you […]


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