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How to Find a Balance between Indulgence and Discipline with Bonnie Boroian


Many of us can relate to the struggle of having a sweet tooth while trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We’ve all been at that crossroads: Do I give in to that chocolate bar, or do I munch on those carrot sticks? It’s a balancing act between treating ourselves and staying disciplined, and today, we’re […]



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overcome obstacles

Are you setting limits on what God can do in your life? Learn how overcoming obstacles with God can change everything. God wants you to be healthy. Do you believe it? Or are you partnering with unbelief and telling yourself, it’s for everyone but you? Sometimes we need truth bombs from a good Christian sister […]

heal your soul

Are you unfulfilled with who you are in your relationships and career? You have this constant longing for joy and no matter what you achieve you still feel lost? And you’re thinking to yourself, there’s something missing in my life and you know you can be so much more. Heal Your Soul with God’s Guidance […]

Have you started training but failed to stay committed to working out? Are you waiting to start exercising until your kids are grown or until you have more time? Or maybe you just don’t love working out with all the people at the gym? The truth is exercising without a guide is a challenge. But […]

benefits of weight training

Are you upping your cardio time at the gym and the scale doesn’t seem to move? Do you wish you knew the secret to achieving that lean body you are working so hard to get? What if the answer isn’t adding 20 extra minutes to your draining treadmill time, but changing your location to the […]

find your identity in Christ

Have you ever thought about your identity in Christ? The longing to understand who I really am and what my purpose was in this world became so overwhelming to me a few years back. I was so overwhelmed with grief during this stage of life and I truly felt like I had lost everything. The […]


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