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EP 19: How to find your identity in Christ


Have you ever thought about your identity in Christ? The longing to understand who I really am and what my purpose was in this world became so overwhelming to me a few years back. I was so overwhelmed with grief during this stage of life and I truly felt like I had lost everything. The […]



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let God transform your health through self love

For so many of us, the concept of self-love is limited to getting your hair done, reading a book, taking a walk, or just treating yourself to a hot cup of coffee. But, in its deepest sense, what does true self-love really mean?  Remember who you were before the world told you it was wrong? […]

christian mental health

Mental health has been a taboo subject for quite some time. And especially Christian mental health. A change in mental health for Christians can lead to a belief that if “I’m depressed, then I’m not right with God”. But friend, that’s a lie from the enemy. Being healthy and fit is not just about your […]

kelsey bryant, communicate health goals

Setting goals for your health journey will give you a long-term vision and motivation. Aligning your health goals with God, will not only serve you in the specific area you’re working on, but it will also benefit other areas of your life. This is the second episode in my goal-setting series. Episode 12 “How to […]

kelsey bryant, god centered goals

Hey sister, are you ready to set your God-centered health goals this year? One of the first steps to a healthy lifestyle is having a goal that will help you throughout your journey.  Why should you set God-centered goals? Setting goals can be easy but setting God-centered health goals ensures that the goals will take […]

Kelsey Bryant women running on a treadmill

Hey ladies, the most awaited episode is finally here. Today, we’re talking about how to jump start your exercise routine.  The idea of exercising can be overwhelming especially for beginners. We are trained to believe that you’ll only lose weight if you exercise at extreme levels but that’s not true. Starting small can lead you […]


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