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EP 25: Is your soul misaligned? How to heal your soul with God’s guidance


Are you unfulfilled with who you are in your relationships and career? You have this constant longing for joy and no matter what you achieve you still feel lost? And you’re thinking to yourself, there’s something missing in my life and you know you can be so much more. Heal Your Soul with God’s Guidance […]



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achieved your goal but still feel unfulfilled

hold for html Have you successfully lost weight and followed a diet but still felt there was something missing? How many times have you assured yourself, “Once I achieve this goal, I’ll feel better about myself, and my life would be complete,”  and still find yourself struggling with dissatisfaction and emptiness?  And no matter what […]

Have you started training but failed to stay committed to working out? Are you waiting to start exercising until your kids are grown or until you have more time? Or maybe you just don’t love working out with all the people at the gym? The truth is exercising without a guide is a challenge. But […]

find your identity in Christ

Have you ever thought about your identity in Christ? The longing to understand who I really am and what my purpose was in this world became so overwhelming to me a few years back. I was so overwhelmed with grief during this stage of life and I truly felt like I had lost everything. The […]

overcome the fear of failure

Do you ever fear failure? Are you tired of letting fear hold you back? Have you ever wanted to get out and live your best life, but fear keeps holding you back? Fear is a part of life. It keeps us safe, but it can also keep us from doing the things we want to […]

christian mental health

Mental health has been a taboo subject for quite some time. And especially Christian mental health. A change in mental health for Christians can lead to a belief that if “I’m depressed, then I’m not right with God”. But friend, that’s a lie from the enemy. Being healthy and fit is not just about your […]


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