EP 18: How to overcome the fear of failure

September 19, 2022

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Do you ever fear failure? Are you tired of letting fear hold you back? Have you ever wanted to get out and live your best life, but fear keeps holding you back?

Fear is a part of life. It keeps us safe, but it can also keep us from doing the things we want to do. So, today we’re claiming that it’s time to get unstuck from fear.

Fear of Failure creates many emotions

We all want to be the best version of ourselves, but fear of failure elicits so many emotions such as disappointment, inaction, frustration, and regret that we end up staying stuck. But what if we surrendered and trusted God completely? What if we put our faith over fear and actually went after our dream? 

Imagine what life would be like! Imagine not asking yourself “What if I fail?” but instead asking yourself “What if it all goes right?”

We tend to see failure as a negative thing. But as it turns out, failure is simply the meaning we give to it. Fear is not from God. And if we detach ourselves from the traditional meaning of “failure” and have love and acceptance for ourselves, as God does, then a world of possibilities opens up right in front of us.

Don’t partner with Fear

Not partnering with fear and asking God for strength and guidance is one of the most important steps in this journey. Don’t give fear more control over your life than you give to God. Once you start trying, you may be surprised that things can turn out better than you expected. I encourage you to face your fears and use them as a motivation to reach your goals. 

Looking for motivation on how to overcome the fear of failure? Tune in to this insightful episode and uncover how to get away from fear!

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