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EP 33: Why taking care of your health and making time for the Lord go hand in hand


Creating a healthy life can be hard, but making time for the Lord is a must. As Christians, we can get busy doing good things, but creating a joyful and joy-filled life starts by spending time with Jesus every day. If you are pushing through your days, and not making time for the Lord and […]



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find your identity in Christ

Have you ever thought about your identity in Christ? The longing to understand who I really am and what my purpose was in this world became so overwhelming to me a few years back. I was so overwhelmed with grief during this stage of life and I truly felt like I had lost everything. The […]

let God transform your health through self love

For so many of us, the concept of self-love is limited to getting your hair done, reading a book, taking a walk, or just treating yourself to a hot cup of coffee. But, in its deepest sense, what does true self-love really mean?  Remember who you were before the world told you it was wrong? […]

Stop negative self talk

Being hard on yourself isn’t helping you lose weight. How to stop negative self and finally achieve health. Have you ever wondered if you’re being too hard on yourself? Do you sometimes belittle your body and your physical appearance? Well, friend, it’s time to stop now because the negative energy that you’re putting towards yourself […]


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